Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management

Relationship Management - Smarter Informed Decisions

"Relationship Management" applies to every dimension of our demand chain. Customer, Vendor, Partner, Internal, Operations, all of these reflect the fact that our business ecosystems are getting more and more complicated each day.

Wakensys applies this key premise, that Relationship Management is often more than just about the Customer, in every project. Wakensys key in unearthing the complex set of relationships that impact your Revenue and Profit, is its regimented “Requirement Gathering” methodology. This is a rapid fire, boot camp style, combination workshop/interrogation. The goal – unearth all the critical relationships, and some of the secondary ones. Examine the interactions between the different players in your business world to see which ones have the most impact on your Business Mission.

Technology comes next, and Wakensys will be your trusted partner in this endeavor. Wakensys has hundreds of xRM implementations under its belt, and has the technology know how, and the correct level of empathy to ensure the adoption of your change program. Talk to us. Let us listen to you!