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Agile methodology

In Wakensys, we know that it is impossible to have a unified approach to every outsourcing project. Large projects must have higher level of processes' maturity and internal complexity than small ones that can have no formal processes at all and still be very successful. Although both large and small projects must be thoroughly controlled at each project phase to avoid failures. Since our establishment we have been using a wide set of well known software development methodologies such as Waterfall, RUP, Agile, MSF and others depending on customer requirements.

We believe that Wakensys is a truly customer oriented company, so the idea is to be as much flexible and transparent for our clients as possible.

We understand that it is much easier for a client to work with a software development outsourcing vendor if it can tailor its processes to the form acceptable for the client, than to work with a company that demands to adjust client's processes just to follow some internal standard.

We adopt our project methodologies to the needs of our clients making our processes homogeneous with the existing ones, thus assimilating into client's working environment.

On the other hand, our clients can benefit from CMMi Process oriented and compliant RUP-based mature processes organization. We can spread our expertise in process engineering to our clients to adjust their software development process to the most efficient variant.